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Always trying to save my skin, When there’s no fight, Still living with that childhood infection, Sometimes I think I should stop, But I don’t know what, I don’t know how to act, At times like this I just try, I wish I had my childhood imagination, Because adulthood is a long-con, And my highContinue reading “Long-con.”


Like biting without teeth, Empty hands, You let go, Too close to the thrill, Empty air, You don’t hear the starting gun, You and I, We never really know, I can almost see your face, Never seeing the colour blue, Lust lost love, Unopen doors, And staining fingerprints, Is this forever? Is it all forContinue reading “Meaningless.”


The cause that lied, Unthread it all, And throw it all away Sometimes it hurts so much to remember how to think Watch my the edges fall away now, Sometimes try to talk, But the words catch, Like a harboured boat, I want to make life art, Make it matter, With its peeling edges, AndContinue reading “Chasing.”

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Smell Pt.3

The first figure ambles behind, turning towards me after watch Pax leave. His muted blue cape dribbles on the floor, falling from his shoulders in waves. A sword rests at his hip, the steel handle gripped with his left hand. Feeling solid, I stand, my feet heavy like lead. I want to talk to himContinue reading “Smell Pt.3”

Rather Not.

I’ve had enough of the thoughts in my head, But my thick skin doesn’t let them escape, I know this is a dog eat dog world, But it’s killing my empathy, I drink chamomile tea, I have very strange dreams, I often feel like a child, Someone people don’t listen to, I think I’m inContinue reading “Rather Not.”

Smell Pt.2

I wake in a haze, my senses dull and unbalanced. My unnatural sleep has made me slow and clumsy, and I slump down the wall, pulled down by its weight. Straw cushions my defeat; it forces me to take account of my surroundings. See that I’m alone in a stone enclave. No Dora, No Ivy,Continue reading “Smell Pt.2”

I hear the birds on the summer breeze, I drive fast
I am alone in midnight
Been trying hard not to get into trouble, but I
I’ve got a war in my mind
So, I just ride, just ride
I just ride, I just ride

Lyrics from Ride by Lana del Rey

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